The Wintercup accumulated result after 5 cups is posted under Resultatsidan. SWE 43 is in a strong position this season.

Link to video from the race.

Fifteen enthusiastic (?) sailors showed up to race in 0°C, sleet and light winds. We were racing some 15 km from the City Center on the island of Lidingö which means water connected to the Baltic Sea (brackish and therefore still not ice covered). Some of our best sailors were missing as they had opted for skiing rather than sailing this weekend (not a bad choice maybe?). We raced on a very short course but only managed to complete 12 races in 4 hours as we needed to reset the race course several times due to wind shifts including a longer break while waiting for wind. 


Most of the time you wanted to start to leeward and hope to be able to tack to port as soon as possible and then get lifted towards the windward mark. Today Thomas Tarp, SWE 343 was most successful in completing this strategy as it turned out that whoever was first at the windward mark would prove very hard to pass later on. Congratulations to SWE 343 who won comfortably! Second was Claus Lindström (SWE 14) and third Tom Olsson (SWE 45), both sailing the Worlds in Foster City.

Now we expect cold weather for a week and it will be interesting to see if we will be able to find open ice free water for our next regatta. So far this winter has been milder than normal so we hope for the best!

Best regards to all IOM sailors from Stockholm Sweden, by Claus Lindström

Results här

Hälsar Tom Olson

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