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Hälsningar / Claus Lindström, Svenska Enmeterförbundet & Claes Liljeson, Stockholms RadiosegelSällskap

Utförligt rapport från den Nordiske Mästaren Sören följer nedan:

Hi all

As promised, here are a little more from the Nordic Champs, from my point of view.

Left Copenhagen Friday for Stockholm, 4 guys in one car, so a little crowded. Arrived in Stockholm around 6 pm, checked in at the hotel, and then vent out to Lidingø to get registered and to get the boats measured in. A couple of the Danish guys had some weight issues, but they got it fix quit easiy. Nearly all 49 boats that had entered, got measured Friday, which easy for the RC for Saturday morning.

49 boats had entered, so 3 heats. Weather was sunny, 2-5 m/s, but very cold. Put on the no 1 rig, did a little test sailing before skippers meating, all seemed fine. In race 1 I was in the A heat, so got a chance to see the C and B heat, and to see if there any side of the course that was favoured. It seemed left side was best, so when it was my turn, I opted for a pin end start, and had a good race finishing second. Second was ok for me, as I just wanted to ensure I stayed in A heat. Rest of the day had its ups and downs, had a couple of time where I was on starboard, just to get hit by a port boat. Also had a race where a windward boat, didn't keep clear me in the start, not good for ones start. Lastly I had a race where I was clear a head, and the race then got abandoned, because of a mark had drifted. By the end of the day, some big puffs started to come in over the course, so the fleet opted to change to no 2 rig. Did race 7 with the no 2 rig, but not only did the wind a little, the little time with the Mojo ment that the trim wasn't spot on. So for race 8 (last of the day), I changed back to no 1. It paid out, as the drop more, finishing first the last race of the day is always nice. So after 8 races on day one, I was in 5th place. Sort of ok, as my main focus was on learning my new Mojo, and which trim work best for it.

Second day started as the first day, maybe a little more wind, and some bigger puffs, but still manageable with the no 1 rig. My tactic and focus for the day was 2 things, my starts and trim of the boat. At the start of the day, I was a little behind the leading 4, so actually wasn't that focused on winning, it was more about learning what makes the Mojo tick. So my starts was a little more conservative, not to get sailed down in the in the starts. I still got good starts with full speed over the line, and only sailed down one time. Managed to sail up through the fleet, only to misjudge sailing behind a starboard boat, by mm so the masts just touched. It was the only penalty turn I had to do all day, with regards to boat to boat incidents, and also only had one on the first day. All in all I was pretty happy with my starting, specially since it always has been a weak point for me. As the day went on, and got to know the Mojo better, results started to come. One big I learnt was, that when it had a good trim, there is no need to change anything when the wind strength alters, the same trim work regardless of the wind strength. I think this is a good thing to know, and for the upcoming WC, it will make thing easier for me.

As day one, by the end of the day the puffs started to get long and harder, so by the last race/heat, everybody but me and one more had changed down to no 2 rig. But as day one it was only for a short time, then the wind started to drop again. I know it was a bit of a risk, also since I was told that it probably was down to the last race, to decide who would win. But I felt that my boat handling was good enough, that I could manage a puff or two. My feeling that the wind would drop more, came though and it was only on the first upwind leg, there was some big puffs. Rounded 4th at the first mark, second at the gate, passed the leading boat on the upwind leg, sailing higher and faster, in the dropping wind, and ended up winning the the race by quiet a margin.

As it turned out, I also won the Nordic Champs, so couldn't be more pleased with the weekend than that. It was hard and tight racing, but also fair racing in the top. We all had our ups and downs, and I would like to thank and congratulate all the competitors, for giving me a hard time.

Before the event I had some reservations, about the fact that there was 49 skippers, meaning that there would be 3 heats. But the RC really stepped up, and got the racing flowing. 16 races completed, meaning 48 heats, is impressive in 2 days, so very well done RC. Also impressive to the number of helpers you had organised, therefore:


I will round this of with to congratulate the podium, Claes in 2 place and Torvald in 3 place. Also congratulation to Brunte for winning the Swedish Champs, go get them all in the Race of Champs in the autum.

Thanks to all who followed me on FB. Best regards, and looking forward to race with some of you in San Francisco.

PS. there are lots videos and photos on the following FB pages: IOM DEN, IOM SWE, IOM NOR and

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